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Win over today’s consumers

Jiro Osuga

The winners in retail will be those who best anticipate new consumer habits, and create experiences and offerings that invoke and reinforce them.

The difficulties of traditional retail are well publicised – so you might imagine the prospects for brick-and-mortar stores are bleak. Not so, according to John Maxwell, Denise Dahlhoff and Claire-Louise Moore, who conducted the the latest PwC Global Consumer Insights Survey (GCIS). Writing for Strategy+Business, they reveal that shoppers’ habits are complex and surprising.

The survey identified five new trends in consumer behaviour, which provide opportunities to retailers and producers of consumer goods and services. The first three relate to new technologies, and the last two are about the relationships between consumers and retailers.

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Source Article: Competing For Shoppers’ Habits
Author(s): John Maxwell, Denise Dahlhoff and Claire-Louise Moore
Publisher: Strategy+Business