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A 10-point plan for managing big data

Analytics can help you make better decisions – but only in the context of an effective big data strategy. 

How you manage and process your big data determines how useful it is. Writing for MIT Sloan, Sara Brown draws on a talk by database research pioneer Michael Stonebraker at last year’s MIT Citi Conference. In his talk, Stonebraker highlighted the mistakes businesses make when formulating big data strategy. Here, Sara Brown presents a ten point blueprint for a big data strategy that really works.


1. Embrace the cloud. Moving all your data to a public (or private) cloud, such as Amazon, gives you economical storage with specialised back-up, often with better infrastructure and security than you could hope to achieve in house. As Stonebraker says: “They’re [cloud providers] deploying servers by the millions; you’re deploying them by the tens of thousands.”

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Source Article: Ten Big Data Blunders Businesses Should Avoid
Author(s): Sara Brown
Publisher: MIT Sloan