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Five tips for time-starved entrepreneurs

working mother

One woman’s story shows that even the busiest people can find enough time to launch a business, says Jessica Stillman, writing for Inc.com.

Embarking on your dream project might sound impossible if you are already weighed down by commitments. But advice from an entrepreneur who started her company while she also had a husband battling cancer, and a baby to care for, might just change your mind.

Last year, in the thick of this demanding scenario, Sara Mauskopf set up her online business – Winnie. It is now going from strength to strength and has raised more than £1m from investors.

So how did she do it? Inspiration is not enough, but precise focus and savvy time management are essential.

Here are five of Sara’s strategies that could equally be adopted by more established time-starved leaders:

1) Prioritise and schedule tasks. Break work down into the chunks of time they will take, then make a strict weekly plan that fits small stuff in around major projects.

2) Recruit carefully. Do put time into building a great team around you.

3) Decline networking invitations. When time is tight, only meet with people who are likely to benefit your business financially.

4) Give clear directions. If people offer help, tell them exactly what you want done.

5) Abandon perfectionism. Give time to important tasks and accept that others may be 90 per cent perfect.

Tapping into the hindsight of someone who has succeeded against the odds might just make pursuing your own dreams look a little more achievable.