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Learn the discipline of saying no

Tom Lovelace

In the early days of a business it’s exciting to push new initiatives and challenges. But as your company grows, you need to fine tune your focus, writes Brian Halligan for Harvard Business Review.

As co-founder and CEO of the marketing and sales software company HubSpot, Halligan reveals that he prided himself on being a “yes-man”, trying everything he could to win more customers and ensure that his products were a good fit for the market they were aimed at.

“A popular, core feature of our product was our website grader. Looking to expand our reach and impact, I was quick to say ‘yes’ to a Twitter grader… and to a Foursquare grader (yes, that was hot at the time)… and to a press-release grader. If someone had a marketing grader idea, chances are I would say ‘yes’ to it.”

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Source Article: The Art Of Strategy Is About Knowing When To Say No
Author(s): Brian Halligan