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Three ways to shake up the marketplace like Amazon

Bernard Cohen

In the modern world of sales, Amazon is ever poised to make disruptive moves in any industry it sets its sights on. But it’s how it sells, rather than what it sells, that gives it the edge, says Per Bylund, writing for Entrepreneur.

Amazon realised its customers wanted their books delivered quickly and that this was equally as important as the standard of goods offered. Employing that discovery to shape future logistics, the company realised it could sell its customers anything they wanted.

If you want to shake up your own company or particular market sector, tapping into the Amazon mindset could be a good place to start:

1) Find out what really matters to your customers. Gather as much information as you can from customers to reshape your business model. Ask them for feedback on products or services, how they use them, and which elements are most important to them.

2) Be a problem solver. Your customers might not realise they have a problem with any of the established norms of business in your industry. If you identify one, flag it up and solve it – you will have them on side.

3) Keep the customer satisfied. “The lesson here is that if your company can meet a basic human need (and do it better than anyone else), you're in solid shape to carve out a substantial customer base,” says Bylund.

You may not be destined to match Amazon’s quest for world retail supremacy, but emulating its core innovation strategy and reshaping your business model to answer your customers desires could put you in the running as a credible market disrupter.

Source Article: Amazon's Lesson About Disruption: Rattle Any Market You Can
Author(s): Per Bylund
Publisher: Entrepreneur