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Ten habits of great entrepreneurs

entrepreneur in office

Have you got what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur? Drew Hendricks, writing for Inc.com, gives the lowdown on ten habits you need if you are going to make it big.

1) They work tirelessly. Successful entrepreneurs make things happen because they are action-oriented and work tirelessly to succeed.

2) They want to change the world. Great entrepreneurs dream of more than just making money. They want to change the world, make people happy and make life easier.

3) They keep ahead of the game. Entrepreneurs are always looking out for new opportunities. And they don’t just respond to change – they make it happen.

4) They look after themselves. Being unhealthy can harm productivity, explains Hendricks. Successful entrepreneurs look after themselves by eating a balanced diet and getting enough exercise and quality sleep.

5) They tell the truth. Honesty is always the best policy, comments the author. Great entrepreneurs tell team members, investors and customers the truth – even if it’s not always the best news.

6) They're resourceful. Entrepreneurs are careful with money and creative in finding extra funds.

7) They are team players. The best entrepreneurs don’t try to do everything themselves. They enjoy exchanging ideas with talented people and surround themselves with a great team.

8) They are early risers. Successful entrepreneurs rise early in order to pack more into their day.

9) They are inquisitive. Entrepreneurs ask themselves and everybody else a lot of questions to make sure they stay on the right track.

10) They’re punctual. Great entrepreneurs make sure they are on time for meetings, deadlines and conferences, demonstrating to partners and investors that they are easy to work with.

Source Article: Ten Traits Of The Successful Entrepreneur
Author(s): Drew Hendricks
Publisher: Inc.com